“This doesn’t matter,This kind of plan will make them difficult,Because people bring more people, we will not appear,People have less and worried that we are,At that time you give them an idea。”Zheng Yaoxin laughed,

“it is good,I will give them an idea.。”
“Small nine,This time we will fight for this well.,His sense of threats in the big class are still large,Many of us are folded in him.。”
“If you can also kill Qiushan Yadi,This female devil is also very powerful。”
“The force is indeed,It can also be seen is a role.,I will try my best to make the brothers do it.。”
“Six brother,In order not to let me be suspected,You’d better got me a shot.。”Rui Rui,
“Can,I have to kill Watanada,You block the bullet for him,You just need to remember,As long as the well is junxiu and the autumn mountains, one of them is killed.,You go to protect the ferry,Because this person is your umbrella, he can’t die temporarily.。”
Zheng Yao said well and also agreed.,If you change the length of the class class,Coordinate, there is such a free activity space now,Therefore, it is not all devils to kill in special circumstances.,It depends on the value of him.。
“I understand。”
“so,Next, what we have to do is to gather them together.。”
“This plan is not taken for a long time.?”
“It takes time,I didn’t tell you before.,This plan is a bit complex,It also requires patience opportunities,Twenty-six lake people don’t have any movements,Wu Tianbao is no problem,At this point, we are very assured.,So you can work with other actions。”
“good,Qi brother is really a hard man,I have already joked it on the well, don’t give him a penny.。”
“Small nine,Old and old eight are people I find,Believe my eyes,They absolutely no problem,So you must save people,But if you want to come up, it is impossible.,We need to play the devil,We toss them in the nerve.,So this will need you to go wrong.。”
“I gave me the last time I understood my mission.。”
“Small nine,Next, we have several important tasks.,Reliable news,There will be a Japanese prince to Shanghai these two days.,He is the general commander of the Shanghai Temple Army, will be in the Xiangyan Yan Yan.,We are ordered to assassinate him,But I want to know his accurate trip.,This is definitely the top secret of the Japanese army,So I hope you can help me find him,”
“Row,Let people stare at me,Where can I go where the prince is?,Six brother,Be careful,Commander of the Prince,His guard is less。”
“You don’t have to worry about me here.,I know this time is more than just Shanghai.,Hurricane team,Jellyfish,Plus what I brought to people will participate in this action。”
“So many people participate in reliable??”
“Do not worry,I won’t say a plan for the last moment.。”
“Six brother,Then I am welcome.!”Laughter,What he means is to play with the six brothers,See if you can guess what the next step is the next plan?。
“I will die several traitors and devil officers these two days.,I want to let Shanghai’s devils first,You can try to protect them,In this way, the devil special class is nervous.。”Zheng Yao said first,
“Row,Don’t you tell me??”
“What else does it mean?,If you do this, I do this.,But you are not the same.,Small nine,This is also a great opportunity for you to do very high-quality.,If you can protect them, you will not kill them.,Just when my mission failed。”Zheng Yao said first,
“The traitor is not the people,This is not good to guess。”
“The order is very important.!”Zheng Yao first said。
“Six brother,I hope that every assassination is successful.!I still don’t play.。”
“let’s play,Is this a good opportunity to make you work?。”
“Ok!Even if I stop the six brothers this time, I will stop them.,After that, I will kill them.!”
NS150chapter People who have evil must die!
This six brothers can be said with themselves.,This makes a lot in our hearts.,When I returned to the pharmacy, my mood was a lot.。
“boss,Where have you been??”Qiushan Yadi asked,
“Autumn ya,Go out with me,You go to drive, etc.。”After saying, I asked Chen Jiaying.:“Dr. Chen,There is no valuable intelligence recently?”
“The recent intelligence is about the Emperor of Nanjing.,Not worthless。”Chen Jiaying said,
“I think it is like this.,gone!”
Rui Rui said to Qiushan Yadi:“Autumn ya,Drive to special high school。”
“boss,Is there any new situation??”
“Wait until you have said to you together.。”
“boss,How to see you today is very good?”
“Because I just met Zheng Yao first。”