The day that the organ city competes for supremacy has arrived。
It’s not dawn,You can already see in the major imperial cities,There is a huge crowd,Moving towards the organ city。
Institution city is a deserted city,Weeds grow inside、Towering ancient trees,There are farmhouse buildings、Broken wall,After some transformation,Gradually evolved into a drill place where the original and the city merged together。
It is intended to be a battlefield for dragons and beasts,It happens that this time the power competition is going on at the same time as the power competition,The imperial capital officially opened this deserted city that is constantly being transformed,Let this imperial court appear the seventh imperial city——Battlefield City!
The location of the agency city is not particularly remote,Those who rush in this direction early,You can arrive at about Risheng。
The institution city is very large,Close to the scale of a city-state。
The city is surrounded by a lost wall,Tall and strong,Even some steel armor ancient dragons may not be knocked down!
First151chapter One city
The wide walkways above these walls,Is the seat that people watch,The winding wall not only encloses the entire institution city,There are many winding walls,Extended into the battlefield city……
The crowd started gradually“occupied”Lost the wall,They slowly scattered in different places。
And the four directions of the wall,There are very beautifully built towers,These towers are the nobles,The place where members of the big forces watch the battlefield showdown。
Every tower,The vision is very good,Basically, the situation of the entire agency city can be seen。
With the rising,Contestants from various forces also appeared at the gates of the organ city。
Before the official battle started,All participants in this competition will enter the agency city in advance,Prevent the four to five hundred disciples of this force from being concentrated near the gate of the lost wall。
When Zhu Minglang and Nan Lingsha step into the city gate,A battlefield host,He said loudly to every disciple who entered the city:“Before the flame flag of the tower was not burned,No one is allowed to fight,Violators will be directly ruled out。”
“Major forces,Provided resources,Half of them are in this organ city,Disciples can search for themselves in this organ city,Just get,And ignite the beacon bamboo tube,Give it to the referee,Is equivalent to belonging!”
“Institution City,Breeding a large group of ferocious ancient dragons,They will attack each of you,I hope you avoid these fierce dragons as much as possible when looking for resources,Avoid accidents。”