“He is four wheels,I have two legs,Can i keep up?”Wu Lili also rolled her eyes,Gulping。

“Taxis all over the street,Are you stalking with two legs?”Xia Shuyue smiled like a smile。
“Tried,His car is running around the city,irregular,Followed for more than two hours,He hasn’t got home yet,I can’t keep following,Limited funds。”Wu Lili tells the truth。
“Mysterious enough,Ha ha。”Xia Shuyue knew that Zhao Luo must live in a broken house,His outfit,It must be face。
“Do you know the origin of his money?”Wu Lili is serious,Just take out the notebook。
Xia Shuyue shook his head,“do not know。”
“You can’t help me guess?”Wu Lili won’t let her go,Tilted his head and asked。
Xia Shuyue shook his head,This Wu Lili is a human being,Never talk nonsense in front of her,There is an error anywhere,There may be problems。
161 I will marry you when I grow up
“I just invited you to dinner for nothing,I thought you knew something inside,You have no conscience,Just guess for me。”Wu Lili points to the chicken soup,“Look,Also invite you to have soup,Not meaningful enough,Not friends enough。”
“You must treat me to this meal,Can’t blame me,Other people’s affairs,how could I know,You let me guess,How i guess?Can i guess?”Xia Shuyue continued to lower her head to drink soup,Eat a bite of food from time to time。
“You don’t believe he is rich?You think so?”Wu Lili asked from another angle。
“I believe it now,He is a famous brand,There are also special cars and drivers。”Xia Shuyue is not stupid,I also changed the angle to answer。
“I’m telling you the truth,I want to lift his mystery,I want to figure out who is behind the funding,What is the purpose of establishing a company。”Wu Lili said bluntly。