Tangshan: Transportation law enforcement funding is included in the budget

Original title: Tangshan: Transportation law enforcement funding is included in the financial budget guarantee to regulate the law enforcement law enforcement level Tangshan: Transportation law enforcement funding is included in the financial budget to protect the law enforcement, improve the law enforcement level, this year, Tangshan City actively explore, in the province to take the lead in implementing transportation Comprehensive administrative law enforcement funding is included in the same level of fiscal budget, and it is fully affirmed by the Hebei Provincial Department of Transport.

Establish and improve the law enforcement funding guarantee mechanism "This is our newly purchased law enforcement recorder, and the law enforcement situation is clear.

"On July 22, in the Qixi Treezhuang Super Station of Fengrun District, Tangshan City, the staff pointed to the report of the law enforcement recorder on his shoulders.

Zheng Yue, director of the Caofeian District Government Office, introduced that from 2013, Caofeidian province’s funds, utility funds, including a farm, Ten-Lihai division station, full incorporation of budget security, establish Improve law enforcement funding guarantee mechanism.

At the same time, vigorously carry out professional knowledge, skill training, and increase law enforcement supervision, so that law enforcement behavior is more standardized and transparent.

In 2020, the area invested 20.49 million yuan, implemented Tenli Sea Site Mocation Project and a Farm Sub-station non-parking inspection system construction; this year, the residential investment of 49.9 million yuan in the rule of the freight vehicle was built, Soon it will be used.

From the experience of Caofeidian and other places, in April this year, the Tangshan Municipal Government Office issued the "Opinions on Improving the Convenient Transportation of Transportation Law Enforcement Service Level", establishing a comprehensive administrative law enforcement funding guarantee for vehicles overrun overload management and transportation integrated administrative law enforcement Transportation integrated administrative law enforcement funds are included in the same fiscal budget.

"Before the total funding is incorporated into the budget of the financial budget, the individual law enforcement personnel have appeared in the first line of law enforcement.

Now there is a fundamental guarantee, equipped with law enforcement recorders, improve sound supervision mechanisms, effectively solve the chaotic fines, do not standardize law enforcement, and penalized. Wang Liwei, the head of the Tangshan Transportation Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Detachment. Thanks to the law enforcement fundamental security mechanism, this year, Tangshan City purchased 822 law enforcement recorders, reaching one of the traffic transport law enforcement personnel, law enforcement equipment management, etc. Constantly improved, law enforcement process records are fully implemented.

Strengthen the source governance and improve the service level "The truck is overweight.

Please return to unload. "On July 20, after the Monitoring Department of Caofeian Port Ore Terminal Co., Ltd., the staff immediately notified the truck returned to the iron ore. The relevant person in charge of the company introduced, to achieve source governance, to ensure The truck is not overweight, the company starts from the load link. The loader driver can accurately control the load ton through the driving indoor display, the load weight is strictly controlled in standard tons. Establish a smart pound system, staff remote monitoring vehicles Command overweight vehicles return to the factory unloading through special return lanes to avoid overweight vehicles in Hong Kong.

In the first half of the year, the company intercepted 1404 overloaded vehicles. "The current port all freight exports have been installed to ensure that the vehicles do not overload.

Dong Huande, deputy director of Caofeian District, said.

Grasp the overload source management, strengthen the service of transportation enterprises. Recently, Laoting County Asia’s cargo transportation company urgently urged the operation procedures for 20 electric trucks. After learning this situation, Li Yueqiu, Second Squadron, Second Squadron, Second Squadron, Second Squadron, Secretary for Traffic Transportation Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade, and the relevant personnel of the transportation company went to Tangshan City Vehicle Management Office and Laoting County Transportation Bureau for procedures.

All procedures were all completed on the same day, ensuring that the company completes the goods transportation tasks on time.

"This year, we strive to do a good job in the source of goods, further do a good job. Seriously implement industry tax reduction, license, three inspection, etc. , Safety management free training, etc., let the masses run less legs, let the data run more.

"Wang Liwei said. (Reporter Cao Zhi correspondent Zhang Yutong) (Editor: Zhang Xiaobo, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.