The first China (Wuhan) Cultural Tourism Expo is popular

    The first China (Wuhan) Cultural Tourism Expo opened on the 26th.

Xinhuanet Xiangxun Xinhua Net Wuhan November 28th (Xiao Jinan) On November 27th, the first China (Wuhan) Cultural Tourism Expo, popularity, and single-day traffic is close to 50,000 people.

On the same day, the event organizers decided to postpone the original clocking time of the 27th and 28th from 5 pm to 8:00 pm, and restart the appointment channel on the official website. These two days of Wuhan Guobo Center is very lively.

Although the exhibition needs real-name reservation and real-name registration, enter the pavilion, you need to brush your ID card, temperature measurement, verify health code and trip code, but have a large number of people in the country every day, many people come to visit. Exhibition card, take pictures.

The lively scene of the audience’s shoulders in the pavilion is hard to imagine that Wuhan has been a city of 76 days of "Fengcheng" because of the neoghm pneumonia epidemic. The picture shows several small audiences in the cup.

Xinhuanet Xiao Jin An Photographic Wenxiao will let the public release Passion China (Wuhan) Cultural Tourism Expo, which is an international exhibition of cultural and tourism, multi-industry integration, established in my country.

  Dong Zhi, chairman of the Dotency Expo, the chairman of Wuhan Tourism Sports Group, was introduced to Xinhuanet interview. This exhibition was unprecedented, and more than 1,000 exhibitors were exhibited. The national city, autonomous regions, Xinjiang Construction Corps, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and 4 cities in Guangzhou, Jinan, Linzhi, Bozhou. 15 countries, international organizations have also participated in this Wenbo Association, which is an international event.

  In the exhibition hall, classic scenic spots, tourist lines, literary products, Wenbao Finance … dazzling full, exciting Regional literature, bring a venue for the scene. The picture shows the audience to buy a literary product in the Qianjiang House. Xinhuanet Xiao Jin’an photographed a young male audience to interview, and all the pavilions wanted to show their local characteristics, and they can be exhibited.

In Wuhan can see so many beautiful scenery, it feels very good.

I usually go to collect, and I have much effort. After a circle in the pavilion, you can know what features every place, which will go to the tour, now you can do your homework and Raiders in advance.

  An industry insiders say that because there is a disseminated epidemic from time to time, many citizens go out of tourism. Now there is such a chance to have such a view of Northern Beauty, and everyone’s passion is excited. Wuhan people’s enthusiasm for this exhibition, not only unexpected expectations, but also made the exhibitors from all over the country. The picture shows the audience with the VR equipment to experience the Skiing of the Shennong. Xinhuanet issued a brigade integration exhibition show attractive this Expo with "beautiful China Beautiful Life" as the theme, 8 major exhibition areas, 1 central stage, 1 text tour, N-site transactions meeting.

  Cultural integration is the biggest feature of this exhibition.

At the exhibition, exquisite natural scenery, wonderful literary performances, creative literary products, delicious local snacks, let the audience linger.

  Human Milk, who lives in Hongshan District, Wuhan. At the age of 71 this year, she went out with her daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren in the morning, and turned four subway to the exhibition hall.

She said that although retired, she still cares about the national event. I can’t open the distance, and I can enjoy the great rivers and mountains of the motherland. I can feel the excellent culture from all over the world. I saw a few pavilions feel very shocked. She said that she had to bring all the pavilions to all the pavilions. The group participating in this exhibition Xinjiang Cultural Tourism Group Co., Ltd. Channel Commissioner Ai and Ai Turnson interviewed Xinhua Net that the Xinjiang Hall is the "Xinjiang Dining Table", and throughout Xinjiang’s characteristic cultural main push Xinjiang’s beautiful scenery and quality tourist route. The picture shows the song and dance performance of the Xinjiang Pavilion.

Xinhuanet sent a high Jing Ru. The Xinjiang Hall is one of the most popular pavilions, and the Xinjiang professional dance team brings a special dance, and has been loved by Wuhan citizens.

Every time I have a song and dance performance, there are three layers of the three-storey outside the Xinjiang Hills and the audience.

Ai Yudi? Tomson said that the Xinjiang Pavilion can get the audience’s recognition, he is very happy, he thinks this is also the biggest gain of this exhibition. Dai Bin, Dean, China Tourism Research Institute, participated in the 2021 Chinese Culture and Tourism Summit Forum held in Wuhan on the 26th that the cultural and tourism integration development has achieved remarkable results since the establishment of the Central Culture and Tourism in 2018. The traditional boundaries of the cultural and tourism industry have been broken, initially forming the synergy of cultural and tourism development.

  High-tech is the conversation of the Dragon to Dragon, which is not only a convergence of Chinese cultural tourism resources, cultural and tourism multi-business integration, but also become the wind direction of the industry. The picture shows a viewer to take pictures in front of the big Chinese screen.

Xinhuanet Xiao Jin’an photographed the biggest highlight of this exhibition "Damei China" Complex is located at the location of the most closest to the audience, and the pavilion shows the largest double-sided wandering flexible screen reel in China.

360 degree surface screen is both a word "Miles Mountain Mountain", as well as modern Damei China. When I entered the door, almost all the audience were slowly shocked by the "Miles Mountain Mountain" on the giant screen, and many people took photos before the giant screen. This surround, seamless, flexible screen, the high-tech behind it highlights the strong kinetic energy of China’s high-level technology self-reliance and thickness. The picture shows the audience to watch the performance in Hubei Pavilion. Xinhuanet Xiangxun photo is the theme of "Extreme Chu Tian Shu", the main "Black Technology", exhibited the alpine stream, Qu Yuan, Zhaojun, Zhajun, Lu Yu Waiting for the legend of Hubei folk character, showing the magnificent landscape and cultural heritage of Jingshan Chu Water.

The landscape of the "Mili Tree" in the Hubei Pavilion, which is different from its "plum blossom in the ‘-optical core’".

Each plum is equipped with a high-precision AI control chip, and is also a consumer chip of centimeter positioning accuracy.

  These two days, the robotic coffee cabinet in Shanghai has become a net red card point, and the coffee lovers will be three floors.

"The robotic coffee cabinet has coffee beans, bubbles of milk and saccharin three materials, according to the needs of the customer, in addition to the timing supplemental materials, clear rubbish, almost no manual operation.

"Shanghai Pavilion introduced that a machine can make 300 cups of coffee continuously. The viewer is the audience experience the robot to pour tea. Xinhuanet Xiang Xiangxun photo 600,000 square meters of exhibition halls, reflects" hard nucleation " , Technology empowerment, let the tourist "dazzle", and let the literature have new patterns, new gameplay.