[How to mix whole grains]_ making method _ practice Daquan

[How to mix whole grains]_ making method _ practice Daquan

People nowadays have quite recognized health, and they can only avoid eating large fish and meat every day, which is very bad for the body, and eating more grains every day instead makes the body more favorable. Many people put a variety of foodGrinding together into flour is very beneficial to the body, but how is it better to mix grains?

Everyone can choose the matching through different functions.

3-5 kinds of the most suitable grains and cereals to eat every day, how can we eat healthy?

The nutrients contained in the multi-grain cereals are incorporated into the traditional Chinese medical diet, and according to sexual taste and classics and the effect combination, the same multi-grain cereals with the same effect or can complement each other are matched together.

There should not be too many types of matching, generally 3-5 are the most suitable.

Eating a variety of foods at the same time can easily cause poor digestion.

Grains and cereals matching method 1 Nourishment and beauty Coix kernel, ginkgo, almond, black sesame, walnut, poria, jujube, pueraria root are freely matched.

Tips: Ginkgo and almond have a special flavor. Pay attention to whether your taste is acceptable when formulating.

2 Kidney-strengthening Chinese wolfberry, coriander, black beans, shouwu, pumpkin seeds, black sesame, walnuts.

3 Spleen appetizer Huaishan, Poria, Jujube, Coix seed.

Feel free to match.
Tips: Children with weak spleen and stomach can cause loss of appetite and indigestion. Such children should eat more spleen food.

4 Ningxin Anshen lotus seed, Poria, Poria, Poria, Date, Soybean, Black Sesame.

Warm reminder: children eat less lotus root, infants ca n’t eat, lotus seeds, people who have loose stools should eat less.

5 Anemia and blood donkey-hide gelatin, red dates, wolfberry, black rice, black beans, black sesame, Shouwu casually with warm reminder: you can eat directly with Guyuan cream, milled powder paste is also good.

6 heat and dampness Poria, coix seed, lotus seeds match.

Tips: Add a small amount of walnuts or almonds when pairing, the taste will be better.

7Three high-ranking people can mix and match ginkgo, buckwheat, oats, black sesame, soybeans, coarse rice, poria, walnuts.

Tips: Three high means high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, Poria cocoa has a good hypoglycemic effect, and Ginkgo biloba has a good hypolipidemic effect.

8 Laxative detox oats, buckwheat, coarse rice, Huaishan, kudzu root, black sesame, walnuts mix freely.

Tips: Get up in the morning and drink a cup of warm water, and then eat the above health recipe for breakfast.

9 slimming weight loss Huaishan, pueraria, red beans, oats, coarse rice, buckwheat, black sesame mix and match.

Tips: Huaishan has low water content, rich nutrition, and good taste. It is the best choice for weight loss.

10 Raising hair with black hair, black beans, walnuts, black sesame, wolfberry, barley, and coriander.

Tips: The classic formula of hair growth-Shouwu, black beans, walnuts, black sesame, each 1 kg of flour, 50 grams each morning and evening, paste, stick to eat 2-3 months.