[Does eating cold red bean barley prolong menstruation]_ barley _ menstrual period

[Does eating cold red bean barley prolong menstruation]_ barley _ menstrual period

Most women’s bodies are colder, because women are a symbol of weakness.

It’s also that every woman has to menstruate on a regular basis every month, and menstruation will aggravate the cold in women.

So during menstruation, women also have certain taboos, and red beans and barley are certain things that some women like to eat. So, can women eat cold red bean barley often allow menstruation?

First, can you eat barley without menstruation?

Compared to men, women are generally cold, so female friends are advised not to eat too much cold food in daily life.

The barley itself is sweet and slightly cold, and friends who have irregular menstruation should avoid eating barley.

Indica rice contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, which can promote the metabolism of the new city. Patients who are frail after illness can eat in moderation to get excellent tonic.

Medical research shows that selenium contained in indica rice can effectively inhibit the proliferation of nanometers, and has a certain auxiliary effect on the treatment of cervical cancer.

However, because barley is a cold food, people with a cold body have irregular menstruation. Women during menstrual periods are better not to eat it, and women in early pregnancy should avoid barley.

Second, what can you eat with irregular menstruation?

1. Pay attention to iron supplementation.

2. Supplement Vitamin C.

The important role of vitamin C is to promote blood-generating function. Adjuvant treatment of iron deficiency anemia has been provided.

3, you can eat legumes, fish and other high protein foods.

4. The diet for the week before menstrual cramps should be light, digestible, and nutritious.

Add green leafy vegetables and fruits and drink plenty of water to keep your stools open and reduce pelvic congestion.

Third, how to eat barley during menstrual period In fact, it is not recommended to eat barley during menstruation. Barley is sweet, light, and slightly cold. Consuming it during menstruation may cause physical discomfort, especially for people who are physically cold.

However, if you must eat indica during menstruation, there are ways to use it. Some foods can be used to achieve the effect of neutralization. For example, ginger is a good food that can help reconcile the coldness of indica and reduce the possible menstrual discomfort.