Fashion sports should also prevent sports injuries

Fashion sports should also prevent sports injuries

Fashion sports such as yoga and street dancing are very popular among young people.

These sports seem to be less active than playing, running, etc., but the risk of injury caused by improper exercise is not small.

Experts suggest that you should also do a warm-up when doing this type of exercise, and do your best to avoid damage.

  A lady from Wuhan recently attended a yoga class.

After a few days of class, she felt the pain in her right thigh muscles and she could not lift to the outside the next day.

The hospital was diagnosed with a strain of muscle ligament.

The attending doctor said that this was due to sports injuries caused by actions that were severely insufficient beyond their ability during practice.

Clinically, women who often learn yoga are too reluctant to do themselves when doing difficult exercises, resulting in ligament strain, tearing of the tibia, and neuralgia.

  Coincidentally, Xiao Li, a sophomore at the College of Liberal Arts of Hubei University, was suffering from “street dance disease.”

A week ago, when he participated in the street dance competition, he made a difficult action “one-handed big loopback”. Due to mistakes in the movement, the right wrist joint violently fell and immediately swollen.

The doctor finally diagnosed a sprained joint.

  Experts say that many fashion sports, the amount of exercise is smaller than traditional sports, and the form is lively and novel, and is very popular among fashion people.

On the surface, these sports are much less intense, but their dangers are not reorganized.

Therefore, be sure to carefully prepare before exercise, pay attention to the correct posture and incorporate related protective gear.

Be sure to do what you can when doing difficult moves.