The core members of the Speeding Party are all distinguished family members,But this doesn’t mean they’re all arrogant.,The basic principle is to avoid killing as much as possible。It’s just that Han Genji likes to bring an extra dagger every time,In the past, Han Genji always felt that the short knife was a little in the way,But today I think the position of the short knife is just right。

Silver Blade,Han Geunji made three consecutive attacks,Three white lights appeared one after another,One of them also crossed Yao Yao’s tie。
“You have to be careful!”
Talking,Han Genji has adjusted his breathing for the second offensive。
“It’s like you can beat me!”
I looked at my broken tie on my chest,Yao Yao smiled indifferently,But I secretly made up my mind,You must wear a bow tie when going out in the future and give up your tie。
“Ah!It’s like you’ll become a saint after reading many books!”
Watching Yao Yao’s face full of mocking smiles。
Han Genji knows he can’t beat Yao Yao,It’s not difficult to see from the few shots I made,Yao Yao avoided her own edge,But she is still comfortable。
Shot again,The moment Han Genki kicked the ground,There was a mark under his feet that only appeared when braking suddenly。
Facing the dagger that Han Geun-ki swings,Yao Yao no longer chooses to avoid the edge temporarily,But the iron rod in the low hand sticks sideways。
The moment the two were in a stalemate,Han Genji turned his wrist on purpose,Shifted the short knife one direction,Follow the side of the iron rod,Bringing up a bunch of sparks and the rest of the ears and sliding down。
It’s okay if the attack is blocked,Just cut off the opponent’s finger,Although Han Genji knows that things are not as easy as he thought。
Han Genji is not a fool,He knew he was not Yao Yao’s opponent,But as a leader,Han Genji can’t think of any reason he would surrender to Yao Yao。Since I can’t think of it,Then you can only carry it through,Even if he was beaten to death,Also leave a mark on him!