“……Ok,”Although it is indeed unbelievable,But Rosemary calmed down quickly,Nodded:“boss,Your decision is right,Investment here really requires caution……God,This is crazy,Totally unbelievable……”

While saying this,Rosemary suppressed a laugh,Look weird,at last,She can’t hold it anymore,Pick up the pen and write on the paper:“boss,Are you letting me act?Do you think there will be a bug in our room?”
Chen Geng gave Rosemary a sideways look,Did not speak,Instead, he picked up this paper full of words and went into the bathroom:I’m not sure if there is a bug in the room,But if there is a bug in the room,This conversation between myself and Rosemary might have an unexpected effect.。
Rosemary completely stopped negotiations with FAW,FAW is naturally dumbfounded,I don’t understand what everyone is talking about.,Why suddenly Chen Geng changed his mind?
Geng Shaojie, who feels that she has been teased by Chen Geng, of course refuses to suffer this dumb loss,otherwise“Republic’s eldest son”Wouldn’t it be for nothing?He went directly to the planning committee to file a complaint:“How can there be such?Everyone is talking about,I didn’t communicate well with some small details,What are they doing?There is no sincerity in cooperation……”
If I can add some blockage to Chen Geng,That would be better。
“Comrade Geng Shaojie,How are you talking?”
Beyond Geng Shaojie’s expectation,Deputy Director Huang of the Planning Commission did not express any concern for Chen Geng、Dissatisfaction with Fernandez,Instead he pointed to his nose and yelled at him:“This is your attitude towards foreign cooperation?Co-authoring is the fault of others?You are all right?Ms. Rosemary stopped all negotiations with you,You haven’t reviewed if there is something wrong with yourself?”
Geng Shaojie is a little confused,The leaders of the Planning Commission scolded themselves indiscriminately.,This reaction was far beyond Geng Shaojie’s expectations:what’s the situation?Why did Rosemary suddenly suspend negotiations with FAW for no reason?,The leadership of the Planning Commission not only did not express any dissatisfaction with Fernandez,Instead he scolded himself uncharacteristically?
This is not right。
The script is not written like this,I’m the eldest son of the Republic, OK??
He subconsciously turned his gaze to Deputy Director Wei who was aside,I hope Deputy Director Wei can speak for himself……Deputy Director Wei“FAW”Of origin。
But I didn’t think that Deputy Director Wei didn’t even speak for himself,But to echo Deputy Director Huang:“Deputy Director Huang is right,Xiao Geng,Don’t give all the responsibility to others in the future if something happens,Look for problems from yourself、Introspect,I think FAW has a problem with its current thinking,All day long‘God, your dick’Look defiant,You can play the leading role of the big brother of the state-owned enterprise?”
The bloody Geng Shaojie was scolded and left with a dazed expression,Geng Shaojie left,The faces of the leaders of the Planning Commission collapsed in an instant,a long time,Deputy Director Huang gave a wry smile:“Comrades,Things are in trouble。”
“Yes,In trouble。”The comrades of the planning committee nodded with a wry smile。
Things are really troublesome,Think of Chen Geng Wan refused to go to Xian@Yang Color Picture Tube Factory、Invitation to inspect the three major CRT production bases, Jinmen CRT Factory and Magic Lamp Factory,Combined with Chen Geng suddenly stopped negotiations with FAW,Everyone still don’t understand,The communication between Comrade Jia Yumin and Chen Geng did not achieve any results.,One sentence,Big things!