But Cen Wen just laughed,Did not respond。

When the beautiful woman saw Cen Wen,There is no special expression on his face,I took it from the dark floor of the sofa,Then a document was handed over。
Cen Wen took the briefcase,Then open the contents of the bag。
Qin Feng only saw,The photos are full of pictures of beautiful women and an uncle of the Miyamoto family。
Seeing here, he understands,This beautiful woman should be the lover of the uncle of the Miyamoto family。It’s just that they have a very close relationship,Why this beautiful woman
Help Cen Wen?
Then Cen Wen nodded,Then motioned to the person following him to put a wallet on the table。
Beautiful woman and Cen Wen are in good agreement,There is basically no exchange of words,It’s like doing the simplest transaction。Beautiful woman open wallet,Full of dollars。
Even Qin Feng couldn’t help swallowing when he saw it。
Because there are at least ten million dollars in it。Terrible!This Cen Wen buyer actually used so much money?on the other hand,The uncle of the Miyamoto family has a family。Even if he died someday,Will you leave her own fortune to this beautiful woman??
Even stay,Maybe it’s not as much as ten million dollars?
Thought of here,Qin Feng suddenly felt a little bit bright。
“Let’s go,Go to Hayao Miyamoto!He shouldn’t dare to make small movements anymore!”At this time, Cen Wen showed a triumphant smile on his face。
(End of this chapter)
Chapter One Hundred and Seventy Three Qin Feng and Chen Feng