It’s Xiao Fan’s assistant Wen Xu。Xiao Fan raised his head and glanced at Wen Xu。

He immediately walked to Xiao Fan’s desk and said to Xiao Fan with two documents:“President,There are also two documents here,Need you to sign。”
Xiao Fan said:“it is good,You can put it here。”
then。Xiao Fan picked up the pen and quickly signed the names on the two documents,And handed the document to Wen Xu。
When Wen Xu is about to leave his office。Xiao Fan suddenly thought of how everyone looked at him with strange eyes in the meeting room today.。
At this time, Xiao Fan asked Wen Xu:“What happened during the meeting today?Including you,Why is everyone looking at me strangely?”
Xiao Fan actually asked him this question during the meeting。
Was in a meeting,He can’t say anything,But now Xiao Fan asked him again,He’s too prevarication。
So he said to Xiao Fan:“boss,When you were in a meeting today,See the WeChat content of the phone,You laughed。”
I’m talking softly here。Xiao Fan finds it strange,I laughed at WeChat. What makes them surprised?。
Then Xiao Fan said to Wen Xu:“I laughed during a meeting?What’s so strange,Why do you all look at me like that?”
Wen Xu said to Xiao Fan:“boss,This is something that has never happened before。”