Qin Feng remembers when he was a child,Chen Da’s family occasionally bullied him,And many people continue to call him a scumbag,He remembers this for a lifetime。

After having the ability,Qin Feng didn’t even bother to trouble this family,But let him not care at all,Is this possible?
I’m leaving like this when I see Qin Feng,Chen Da hurriedly chased after him and said:“Brother Qin Feng,I know it’s wrong?You can help me talk to Huang Junjie,Let him help us?I can lose some,But don’t lose too much。”
“Ha ha。”Qin Feng didn’t even bother to answer anything,Because he knows that this kind of person is easy to get an inch。
If he agreed,There will definitely be a lot of trouble following。
See Qin Feng like this,Chen Da is really crazy,He doesn’t know what to do。
Qin Feng didn’t care about him,He only has one sentence:“Tell him about this,Don’t tell me,I don’t think so much。”
“Don’t you rely on you for this??Look at us people,What’s the skill,Hope you can help,We are all folks,This kind of thing,You should look at our affection too?”
Chen Da thought of his affection right now,But when I asked Qin Feng for trouble,He simply ignored
Will those。
“Ha ha,Think about it yourself,Anyway, I have no abilities。”Qin Feng didn’t want to talk to this trash either,So he shook his head and left directly。
Chen Da’s expression is also struggling,He doesn’t know what he can do。
“Headed,how about it,Did the orphan promise?”