How did Yangliu think about that?,It seems that Big Brother is not alarmist,Don’t strangle her beard。

Reach out and pat his hand,Rub the painful chin by myself,Complain softly,“My boyfriend is so great,How could I pedal two boats?You have no faith in me,Still have no confidence in yourself?”
Girlfriend’s tender skin,It turns red with a little effort,Huo Yunhe feels distressed,but,He can’t relent,Willow talk,Totally different,What did you do for fear that he is upset??
The identity of the paratrooper,Whose household is it?,Never said,Is it a commercial spy??
Thinking of this possibility,Huo Yunhe’s heart sank,“willow,I can let you play tricks,But if you are involved in principles,I hope you know when you are lost,otherwise,Will never forgive。”
Man’s eyebrows are cold,Braving the cold,“When you joined the general manager,Should have signed a confidentiality agreement,If you tell others the company’s trade secrets.”
Not finished,He can’t go on,If Yangliu is really a commercial spy,Can he righteously kill his relatives??
The purpose of doing this is money,As long as she doesn’t do anything illegal,His money is hers,No need to do that。
Before he finished thinking,Yangliu puts away his stunned eyebrows,Can’t help but laugh,“Dear,What are you talking about?Don’t say your girlfriend is a person with the correct three views,Just have that idea,Also have a chance to implement it?My little assistant secretary,How can I access the core secrets?You look at me too high。”
Not just fine,Huo Yunhe was obviously relieved,but,New questions come to mind,This is not that nor is it,What else can make her so distressed?
“Dear,You are so good,I used the good luck of the last twenty years to meet you, know and love,How can you step on two boats??More,You are so smart and capable,Who is not long-eyed dare to plant a spy by your side?See too much drama, right??”
Willow smiled,Reach out and hook his neck,Kiss him on his lips that are in a straight line,“Dear,Don’t think about it,Your girlfriend has a very, very noble moral bottom line,to be with you,I won’t look at other men more,I won’t do anything I’m sorry,Allah,You have to believe me。”
Things are not clear,Huo Yunhe will not fall under the attack of her sugar-coated cannonballs,The grim eyebrows are like the frozen land of the Northland,The ten-mile spring breeze can’t melt anymore。
“What do you do that disgusts me?”
“The past,You won’t be looking for a back account?”Yangliu spoke carefully,Man is too smart,She can’t say the wrong thing,“Exactly,It was a prank made before Yang Liu and Huo Yunhe fell in love,Your lord has a lot,Don’t pursue the past?”
The things before falling in love really have nothing to do with him,If he goes to investigate,Don’t you seem to be narrow?