Know yourself,I know I can’t help you work in vain,That’s easy,Chen Geng is also welcome,Said:“Things in India are easy to solve,But there are a few points I need to confirm with a few people。”

“You say。”
Nikita·Bakranov and Nikolai·Malinkov looked at each other,Nodded。
“The Soviet aircraft carrier Kuznetsov is already in service,Construction of the Varyag, the second aircraft carrier of the Kuznetsov class, has also begun,As far as I know, even the nuclear-powered Ulyanovsk has begun cutting steel plates.,”Chen Geng asked:“Is this correct??”
Nikita·Bakranov and Nikolai·Malinkov looked at each other again,Although they don’t quite understand why Chen Geng asked this question,But the two nodded together:“Yes。”
As for why Chen Geng knew so much about the progress of the Varyag and Ulyanovsk aircraft carriers、Did you steal Soviet military secrets?,For this,Nikita·Bakranov and Nikolai·Malinkov never worried,It’s impossible for a large surface warship like an aircraft carrier to be like an airplane、tank、Cannons and other equipment are built in an indoor factory,Can only be built in the open,The disadvantage of open-air construction is that it is the area that is focused on by the US reconnaissance satellites,Every move of the Nikolaev shipyard is under American surveillance,Americans’ understanding of the progress of the construction of the Varyag and Ulyanovsk aircraft carriers under construction at the Nikolayev Shipyard in the Black Sea,I’m afraid not much worse than the Soviet Union itself,For this,The Soviet Union knew it well。
If the U.S. Department of Defense knew about the construction of the latest two Soviet aircraft carriers,Fernandez·Chen has a deep relationship with the U.S. military,It’s no surprise that he knows——It’s so easy to know the core military secrets of the Soviet Union,Why he wants to be a spy?
“What about aircraft carriers before the Soviet Union,”Chen Geng continued to ask:“The former Moscow and Kiev classes,Are you going to retire one after another?”
“Of course,”Although I’m still curious why Chen Geng asked this question,Nikita·Bakranov is still happy、At the same time replied proudly:“With the Kuznetsov-class capable of taking off and landing heavy fixed-wing fighters and the more powerful nuclear-powered Ulyanovsk,The previous Moscow class and Kiev must be retired one after another。”
Can only take off and land helicopters、Moscow-class and Kiev-class VTOL fighters,How can it be compared with the Kuznetsov class and Ulyanovsk class in terms of combat effectiveness?。
“Then easy,”With Nikita·Bakranov’s answer,Chen Geng immediately let go:“I promise,India’s problems will be resolved,Not only that,I promise,Money made by the Soviet Union in India,At least double。”
Nikita·Bakranov is a happy moment,If you can make twice as much money from India,Maybe it will help a lot to alleviate the current difficulties of the Soviet Union.。
Nicholas·Malinkov’s reaction is not slow,Asked hurriedly:“What are you going to do in India?”
“Don’t worry about India,”Chen Geng smiled:“Let’s discuss it first,What can I get。”
do not know why,Looking at Chen Geng’s brilliant smile,Nikita·Bakranov and Nikolai·Malinkov suddenly felt a bad feeling in his heart。