“boss,You can’t buy a handicraft for two hundred yuan?Too little。”The stall owner shook his head。

Ma sneered:“This kind of thing,I can buy a lot in Panjiayuan for a hundred dollars。but,You,Looks good,I’m just a little interested。If you feel that you are at a disadvantage,forget about it。”
Talking,Stand up deliberately,A posture to walk away。
Take advantage of this time,Populus euphratica nodded slightly to Yemei,Means ready to dispatch。
Since you are all ready to leave,Then we enter,Reasonable?There is nothing to complain about。In fact,Not close yet,Hu Yang has already confirmed that this is a real flower god cup。
Ye Mei is always paying attention to Brother Hu,Seeing him nodding slightly to himself,Step forward,Open road:“boss,How much do you want?”
Talking,I have put Ma’s down cup in my hand。
Ma was stunned at Cheng Yaojin who was suddenly killed,I’m just still hanging the stall owner,I didn’t say no!I’m not over yet,Just plug one foot in,What means?Understand the rules?
He frowned:“Hey!Do you understand the rules?”
Ye Mei deal with this kind of person,Handy,Pretending to be innocent:“What rules?shopping,What else?Say again,Didn’t you leave your hand??”
The stall owner is also an individual,Take a look at this posture,I knew Ma was bluffing him just now,And one more competitor,He must be happy to see it。
then,He quickly laughed:“girl,Just started to play favorites?That’s no rule for you。and,you are right,He just left,There is nothing irregular。”
Get!Ma is half to death,Staring at the porcelain cup in Ye Mei’s hand,To the stall owner:“Eight hundred, right??Row,Give you!”
this time,The stall owner ignored this dishonest guy,Sit and watch tiger fight,Reap the benefits of fishermen,Is it not good?Everyone knows,Don’t want to send him now for eight hundred yuan。