Also at this time,Qiao Ming has also woke up leisurely,But he was not sober by others,He was abruptly awakened by the pain in his wrist。

At this moment, Qiao Zhenwu has also noticed that Qiao Ming has turned awake,and so,I came to Qiao Ming at the first time。
“Qiao Ming,How are you feeling?”Qiao Zhenwu asked with concern。
Qiao Ming, who just woke up, was the moment he saw Qiao Zhenwu,The tears came out immediately。
“Second uncle,Second uncle,You must give me revenge,You must give me revenge,Second uncle……”Qiao Ming cried and said to Qiao Zhenwu。
Qiao Zhenwu patted Qiao Ming on the shoulder,Said in a serious tone:
“Qiao Ming,Do not worry,Your bad breath,Second Uncle has already come out for you,Don’t worry,Second uncle called,Someone has been sent to repair the Lin family in Yun City,You can rest assured!other things,There are two uncles!”
Qiao Ming heard what Qiao Zhenwu said to him,Then nodded comfortably。
Subsequently,Qiao Ming’s ferocious eyes looked at Xiao Fan again,What he said was to Lin Yang:
“Uncle Lin,Xiao Fan and his family are so arrogant,You can’t let the family go easily!Do you remember the bet we just made with their family??”
Lin Yang nodded quickly,Said:“of course I remember。Qiao Ming, don’t worry,Uncle will surely remember to give you this bad breath in your presence。”
Lin Yang’s voice fell,Haven’t waited for Qiao Ming to nod。
Suddenly there was a roar from above their Lin family villa。
What sound is it?