“Ok?!”Beautiful woman surprised,Let Lena all have doubts。

I don’t understand that the other party will show such a gesture when seeing Wu Xing。
“Beautiful girl。”Looking at the cold ice after sitting down,At this moment, Wu Xingcai smiled and greeted her。
“it is good…it is good。”Liang Bing responded blankly。
But soon she recovered,This guy in front of me,The first thing she saw was mistaken for her brother-in-law!
Fortunately, after a detailed comparison,She found out that the other party was not,Just a little bit similar。
Scared me to death,I really thought I met my brother-in-law,Liangbing patted his chest,Relieved。
Lena was in a daze when she saw Liangbing,I feel upset,But can’t vent,Because the other party didn’t do anything excessive,Can only turn anger into craving。
Qiangwei and Qilin saw the weirdness of the beauty in front of them,Can’t help but peek at each other。
of course,The most important thing is Xin Zhao,They don’t even think about eating barbecue now。
Finally met a beautiful lady who is full of royal sister Fan,I thought I could have some good memories,But now I have a look,Over。
This is probably the hormones in walking,Not attracting the attention of women all the time,Angkor is there,They are destined to be bachelors for a lifetime!
“beauty,what happened?”Look at the surprised cold ice,Wu Xing said in a playful manner。