As for the big brother and the third brother……

Qiao Feng is now in a big problem,But still is not suitable for long-term war,Otherwise, blood is more easily touched than usual.。
Although I don’t have to open the song,As long as I feel slightly Qiaofeng feel,The second brother has no better choice.,He will take the initiative to count on him.,But whether it is from the identity of the Qing court,Is it a family member of Shaolin’s home masters?,Qiao Feng is not suitable for shooting at this time.!
The same is the same as Dali.……
However, there is no such concerns and dog hybrids.——Zhang Wuji is originally a must,Even if there is no one and team,He will also!
As for the dog hybrid……
Although monks are very polite to him,But helping two brothers fight,That didn’t say。
“Is it three hunting??Sure enough, the waves of the Yangtze River push the waves……”Trin Deer,Don’t help you。
Before Chu Deiren,Make them very amazing,And now the other two,It seems that it is a bit less than a few more than a few years.!
Although I don’t see them,but……I want to know,Chu Deirers can’t weaken too much people in front of him.!
“That old,Taught。”
The three old waves did not have the meaning of this.。
Chu Tai is three people walk,And Sanfu is old and old,Rendering the three-piece waves。
What happened even if the place in the square is crowded,At this time, everyone tried his best.——After all, from yesterday’s situation,Once it is involved in it,Can you laugh?!
“Zhang is a rescue of the father,Trinity,excuse me!”
“I am here to help me bother.,We are just ordinary,I won’t kill the killer.。”
“Three people!”
Sound,Sanfu in black,Already three slender black dragons,Triple swept to Chu Deirers。
At this time, I saw Zhang Wuji right foot.、Pull the shelf,Intangible Taiji map,Rising in the hearts of everyone,Expansion to the entire square,Poster Sandu was surrounded by him;
Dog hybrid“what”Sound,Three feasts from the chest,Wrap it my own,Significant Buddha,Sandu has not been shot,Have a mess;
And Chu Deirers,The whole person expands a circle,Imitation,It’s like the devil to kill the god.,Mulming and fierce……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 85 Heart print and methodological
at this time,Nan Shaolin’s Daxiong Temple……
Tanji,Filter a black shark,As if it is dark,Falling into the gossip of the old,I don’t see the way around.,It is also unable to shake;
The Buddha will press a black Saint to sit down,Ren is a dragon twisted swing,I can’t take a trace;
Such like、Another example is the huge figure of the magic king,Grab a black sumo,As if the river is general,Directly……
As for the three black sakes,It is like a demon dragon sea,Decided,Waveless。
Chu Deiren did not have two people in advance,No need!
A month ago,Chu Deirers will have some broken three《King Kong》,Today’s month,Chu Deirers’ martial arts more refined,It is alone.,There are also six seven calendars。
As for Zhang Wuji and Dog Hybrid,Be like“Shrink”Zhang Zhenren and sweeping……
“Trend”Pole,Can reflect people’s hearts;“Heart”Pole,Can be reflected in nature!
Mechanism,“Trend”and“Heart”Is the closest concept。
simply put,War“Trend”,Naturally“Heart”……
The heart is the head of the heart is natural.“French sky”,At the end of the trend“Heart-hearted”。
“Trend”Is exploring nature、Or“Heaven”,Seeking your own liberation;and“Heart”It is exploring“Human way”,by“Human way”Come to make up“Heaven”!
“Trend”Be,Everything that people can see,Small Zhang Tai Chi,Just give these you can see“Taiji”,People in people’s hearts,Presentation of Tai Chi,In fact, there is no existence,If you only look at it,Can’t see anything。