And next,They even plan to follow this rhythm。

“but,Everyone still prepare,Lei Jia,I believe it will start with us sooner or later。”
Wang Teng finished,The people around nodded even more。
Such a thing,Actually they themselves,Have seen。
Then next,Just wait for the result quietly.。
So here,At this time, Wang Teng saw here,Feel very good。
Chapter 233 must kill him
When Lei Yuan suddenly raised his head and looked in front of him,obviously,What will these things represent。
Actually just these problems,It’s not easy。
And looking at these,Lei Yuan’s heart was even more angry。
“damn it,This kid,How can I do such a thing?”
When Lei Yuan finished,The people around see here,Nodded again and again。
After all such a thing,Actually for them,I really should do something。
Otherwise, to be precise,Obviously it’s far from enough。
And looking here,at this time,For the moment,at this point,How to solve it。
Actually just these problems,It’s not that simple already。
“Must kill him,No matter what the price!”
When Lei Yuan’s words are finished,obviously,In other people’s hearts,It came very clearly。
But these people,In fact, deep down in their hearts,Think so too。