Shandong Weifang Agencyal pneumoniaponia has increased, and the pediatric ward is full

  In the past two months, the children of the major hospitals in Weifang, Shandong Province have increased significantly, and the "full staff" of the pediatric hospitalization department of many hospitals.

Recently, experts said that there will be periodic prevalence every three to five years, and the high-risk and dissemination law of mycoplasma pneumonia is also a certain relationship this year. On December 10, at the hospital pediatric clinic affiliated to the Weifang Medical College, many parents are waiting for a child.

This year, the pediatric clinic in the hospitals appeared full. Wang Lijie, deputy director of the Department of Pediatric Hospital, Weifang Medical College, said that since the winter, pediatric door diagnosis has increased significantly, of which eight becomes a respiratory disease. Children’s pneumonia patients have increased significantly, especially large leaf pneumonia. In the past two months, the hospital has admitted nearly 200 children with nearly 200 big leaf pneumonia, which has a significant growth in the same period in previous years.

  "In the last 2 months, children with pneumonia have been significantly increased," Li Li, Director of Weifang Maternal and Child Health Hospital, "Recently, not only the increasing children have increased, but even the hospital department has also" full ", even some The small patient is waiting in line to wait for hospitalization. Director Li Li introduced that in the past two months, the hospital’s outpatient volume increased significantly, especially in hot clinics and emergency.

In patients with psychiatrics, children with bronchial pneumonia accounted for half. This is also the case of various hospitals in Weifang, and the pediatric department of many hospitals needs to wait for the bed.

Experts introduction, each year, March, March, is the high-risk season of pediatric respiratory infections.

Relative to the previous year, the big leaf pneumonia caused by mycoplasma infection this year is more common, and the cross-overlap of factors such as influenza, and patients with influenza are significantly more. Aponoli pneumonia is high in school-age children. At present, there are current trends, experts remind, must drink more water, keep the respiratory tract moist.

Add nutrition on the diet structure. Wear mask out, try not to take the child to the place where the child is more concentrated.

In addition, if the school-age child has a cold, pay more attention to rest, try not to go to school, there are many children in the school, and more easily cross infections.

After the child suffers from sick, parents should let the children receive regular treatment, can’t take a few days to watch the child’s condition is improved, and the results have been repeated.